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"SHELL SHOCKED" is a body of work by Stephen Elliott Webb. The series opened on March 4th, 2016 at Mitchell Hill Gallery in Charleston. A portion of the sales during the 4 week show went to benefit College of Charleston's School of the Arts​.


"SHELL SHOCKED" is much more to me than a solo show of new artwork.

Yes, the visual theme of the show involves the iconic oyster shell and the waters from which they're born. But the term "shell shocked" goes deeper than that. Loosely defined, shell shock is a condition endured by those who have gone through a traumatic event. Originally coined as a term for soldiers who had been bombarded, or shelled, on the fronts of World War I.

My shell shock, is the realization of an entire childhood trying to make sense of itself. It is, one might say, my cathartic and therapeutic adventure from a place of squelched memories into a colorful and very illuminated artistic happening. That "happening" is now. It is my career stepping into the spotlight. It is the artist in me finally.....finally releasing what is deep within onto the canvases before me.

I share this adventure, this journey, with you. Come embrace the words and stories inscribed onto these canvases and entwined with my boldest and most colorful brushstrokes to date. There are many layers to these pieces, more so than ever before.


All "Shell Shocked" Opening Night photography by Anne Rhett Photography

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