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Bob Ireland

He was born in a cross fire hurricane… Okay, not really but it's a good opener and somewhat relevant to the subject matter. RL Ireland is a self-taught fine arts photographer who dabbles in sculpture installations of all shapes and sizes. A career ad man (go ahead and make the Don Draper reference), he considers himself more of a David Ogilvy type. He spends many of his waking moments on Madison Avenue in New York City where he is a Partner and Creative Director at Sharp Communications. As his friends like to say, "Bobby has his hands in many cookie jars."  


As of late, Bob is working tirelessly to translate his "Birds of a Feather" study (think modern day John James Audubon) into fine Italian silk scarves. He is also in the process of launching Rare, a limited edition handmade collection of wild American alligator bags (think Gokey meets Hermès), and yes he hunted most of them. He has exhibited his fine art photography at a private, solo exhibit in New York City and many times at the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA, and is an artist on ArtSpace. His work resides in fine homes and offices in New York, Charleston, Tokyo, New Orleans, Portland (ME of course), and lots of other places you would like to be. When he is not doing all the aforementioned, he loves to hunt, fish, tell stories, and work with beloved nonprofits like the Boys' Club of New York and The Thomasville Center for the Arts. He has an eye (well, one blue and one green), and he sees things we might not, and for that we are eternally grateful. He has a couple of bird dogs, an air boat, a crazy house on the coast of Maine, and a big appetite for life (he's a pretty damn good cook, too).

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Teri Doochin Kasselberg

Teri Doochin Kasselberg is an avid art lover and collector. Though not an artist in the traditional sense of the word, she has traveled extensively and always takes the opportunity to seek out local artists, visit their studios, and add to her collection. Teri is an accomplished business leader, a mother and grandmother, and lives with her husband in Nashville, Tennessee. Her personal and philanthropic interests are broad and varied, which explain her appreciation of many different styles and forms of art. Teri first purchased a piece by Stephen Elliott Webb from a gallery in Charleston during a summer vacation and then had the opportunity to meet him the following summer. She is honored to sit on the jury for his show at the Gibbes Museum.

Bohdan Turok - Director (Commercials & Independent Film) 

Bohdan was born in Slovakia and grew up in Algeria, Germany, and Canada. Filmmaking is a natural extensions of all that came before: photography, painting, drawing, writing, music, martial arts, Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, a life well-lived and all other variables unknown to him. Filmmaking is Bohdan’s culmination of two decades of preparation to lead and collaborate effectively in this multidisciplinary medium.



His short narrative drama “CUDDLER” (2015) won him and the actors numerous awards and nominations from festivals around the world. He filmed and directed a short narrative drama “How We Dance” (2016) in Tokyo and Kyoto and his silent short narrative film “Thou” (2017) won the Gold Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival (2018). He recently completed "Opportune" (2018), a short narrative drama, is in development on two feature films and continues his work as a commercials director. His list of commercial clients include condominium builders, photography lenses manufacturers, the fashion and garment industry, healthcare and others. Bohdan now lives between Charleston/Toronto with his wife Shae-Lynn Bourne and son Kai.

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Margaret Oliva

Margaret Oliva is Assistant Registrar for the permanent collection at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in photography. Margaret is on the board of WonderRoot, an arts organization that works to improve the cultural and social landscape of Atlanta. In her free time she enjoys landscape photography, traveling the world, and mountain climbing. 

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Todd Yoggy

For the last 15 years, Todd Yoggy has helped create distinctive interiors for all kinds of settings, from a 38,000 square foot English country estate to a boat with a yearning for the 1920s. 

Yoggy believes a home’s interior should do two things, reflect the personalities of those who live in it, and respect the architecture. While each project is unique, the common thread in Yoggy’s work is a comfortable elegance: rooms that look good and are meant to be used. Before beginning each project, he tries to understand a client’s lifestyle and how they plan to use each room. 

Quality is of utmost importance to Yoggy who enjoys the hunt for the perfect piece for a room. His love for art and antiques helps him steer clients toward wise investments, and in starting collections, that will appreciate over time. Yoggy’s strengths are in his ability to create environments that look like they’ve been built over time. By mixing classic with modern, Yoggy has been able to design interiors that respect history but live today.

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